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Website Service ( Part 2 )









To get noticed at the internet market is important with correct information.

Therefore website is important to have to grow your business. Because if you have wrong information at search engine, like google, yahoo, MSN or Bing ,

You can lose your life long customers.


1. Internet Market Service

Tree Art also can REPAIR or UPDATE YOUR business information

as much as possible and put NEW your business at your local Market with

affordable prices.



2. SEO Service.

SEO (What is Search Engine Optimization?)


1. Search what keywords people are searching at your area to

    develop your market.

2. Work with your website's Title, Meta tags with keywords.

3. Show business title on 1-3rd page at google, Yahoo and Bing

     with your keywords.






4. Make Facebook and yelp pages and work with

Gmail account created by Tree Art design. ( Optional )